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Core Copyright is an online publication that provides basic, reliable and attributed educational information about U.S. copyright law and policy for people who create. It is written and edited by the team that produces Copycense. Core Copyright’s executive editor and chief contributor is K Matthew Dames. Core Copyright is a part of the H.R. 43 Network.


All original information in this publication is protected by U.S. and international copyright law. You may summarize, critique, or link to any of this publication’s content without asking for permission. Similarly, you may copy or quote reasonable portions of this publication’s postings without asking for permission. Consistent with the principles governing scholarship, journalism, and just plain fairness, we ask only that link directly to the posting from which you received the information and cite Core Copyright as the source.


Core Copyright is a trademark of Sesoworks.


Core Copyright allows and welcomes substantive questions and comments about the material we publish. We also welcome and appreciate comments that question or challenge what we have written. The editorial staff, however, moderates all comments and reserves the right not to publish any comment. Comments that are unrelated to the post, offensive, or do nothing but rant without any factual basis will not be posted.


Several of the contributors to Core Copyright maintain working and professional relationships outside of this publication. The writings, views and opinions that appear in this publication are the personal views of their respective authors and do not represent the views of any past, current, or future employers or clients; Core Copyright, the H.R. 43 Network or any owning entities.

Nothing in this publication is, or should be considered to be, legal advice.


Please go to the Contact page to correspond with an editor or contributor about questions or comments that are unrelated to a specific, published entry.

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